Beer Club Box April 2017

Fruits of Labour

Dear beer lover,

It used to be that fruit beer was what you gave to someone who hated beer, in a final desperate bid to show them how diverse and exciting it can be. Because it may sound like a gimmick, but fruit beers have a rich history at the forefront of experimental brewing. From the naturalism of lambic to the modernism of a dry- grapefruited IPA, fruits can be used to find new flavours or heighten what is already there.

The last time we did a fruit box, almost exactly a year ago, we got a great response. There were no gimmicks, just traditional styles reinvigorated by a new approach.

This year we’ve done the same with 10 totally different beers. We travel from Norway to California, via the UK, Belgium and France; we traverse styles from lambics and goses, to wheat beers to saisons with a detour via IPA and American pale ales, of course.

Enjoy these brewers’ experiments, pick out the individual and sometimes unexpected effects they have on a beer, and revel in the fruits of their labour.


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