Beer Club Box August 2017

Celtic Beers

Dear beer lover,

We must come clean, because it’s been weighing on our minds a lot recently. We don’t give enough focus to the breweries on the fringes of Britain. To blame their lack of distribution is only half the story – our job is to go out there and find these beers for you and we need to be better at it.

So here we are with a box brimming with beers from Scotland, Wales and Ireland. There are more Celtic countries and counties and we’ll get to those, but for now these are some exciting British beers from parts of the world we don’t usually get to drink from. By getting outside our usual tunnel vision we’ve found breweries doing magical and unusual things, using local ingredients and recipes that taken as a whole make the brewing scene of Britain and Ireland look incredible varied.

We’ve learnt a lot through making this box and really enjoyed some beers we truthfully didn’t expect to. So approach it with an open mind and an open mouth and it might just open your eyes too.


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