Beer Club Box February 2018

We Have A Pub!

Dear beer lover,

We literally cannot contain our excitement, we are bouncing off walls and streaking in the Hackney Wick Streets.

We have our own taproom, a beautiful renovated warehouse in the creative heart of East London. Not only is it a brilliant, relaxing pub with an insane 22 taps, it’s also a bottleshop with around 600 bottles from our online range, including vintages of lambics and stouts we’ve been saving for a few years. Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, we’re going to have our own lambic-inspired blendery, eventually putting out blends, fruited sours and all kinds of exciting barrel-aged beers.

If that hasn’t excited you enough, we thought we’d celebrate by putting together an amazing box of beers you’ll find at the tap, as well as beers that have inspired the look and feel of the place or the other beers we’ll be serving.

So enjoy the beers and get down to the Beer Merchants Tap when it opens on the 24th February!


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