Beer Club Box January 2018

Big(ish) In 2018

Dear beer lover,

If you thought 2017 was a good year in beer, it’s got nothing on 2018. While the established names in brewing took huge steps last year, we think the real excitement is going to come from a new wave of brewers coming up the ranks.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been trying samples from all over the UK in a bid to find the breweries we think are going to have a breakthrough year. While doing so we realised there are some seriously exciting things happening beneath the surface. From Duration – who will be opening at the end of the year with big plans for mixed fermentation beers – to London hazemakers Boxcar, to adjunct obsessed Campervan, Britain’s brewers have never been more diverse.

As well as searching out some brand-new breweries we’ve revisited some old friends to see how they are getting on. As a result, we’re pleased to say that Unity and Elusive are going from strength to strength and might have a big year riding on the wave of the burgeoning microbrewery scene.


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