Beer Club Box July 2017


Dear beer lover,

Imagine going back in time five years and telling a load of craft beer nerds that the best beers will be in cans by 2017. They’d have looked at you like you just skulled a barleywine.

Well now even they come in cans sometimes. Aluminium has well and truly taken over the craft beer movement. What some said was a trend is now the status quo. Instead of asking “why did you go into cans?” people are wondering why breweries haven’t gone into can. Because done right, there is no better vessel for hoppy beer. The best breweries put them in there and their beers get even better as a result.

Many of the breweries in this month’s box would never have though of going into can a few years ago – Tiny Rebel, Vibrant Forest – but here they are and their beers are singing as a result. There’s no feeling in beer like cracking a cold can to greet that rushing bag-of-hops smell, and we promise that 10 times over with this box.


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