Beer Club Box July 2018

Summer Sippers

Dear beer lover,

Is there any better feeling than a crisp, cold beer on a hot day? We don’t think so, that’s why we’ve put together a selection of crafty summer sippers for this month’s beer club.

Drinking seasonally is still something we don’t quite do in this country, but as the mercury rises, the seasonal produce comes out and we get to actually drink in beer gardens it’s natural that we should reach for the colder, crisper, more sessionable styles. From the traditional spring/summer saison to a trashy (but delicious) light lager from three breweries that should know better, it’s a belter of a box that takes in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Ireland and plenty from our own shores too.

So get them in the fridge and crack them when you need them most – after work, after mowing the lawn, or when the barbecue is warming up.


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