Beer Club Box June 2017

The New World

Dear beer lover,

Name the best brewing nation in the world. Is it Belgium, with their rich history, unique styles and staunch traditions? Is it America, tearing up the rule book when the rest of the world had resigned themselves to it? Or the UK, clinging on desperately to its cask beer and brought to life by the American revolution? Or even Germany, the session beer lovers who have such good lager they mostly shrug at the new craft breweries springing up.

You could make a case for all of them, but increasingly other nations are staking a claim to it. In particular, the countries floating the Pacific Ocean can. Thanks to the indiginous hops that have such different aroma and flavour profiles to their US and European counterparts, they are able to create exciting new twists on well-trodden styles. This box is full of them, with everything from oyster stout to pale lager, via lots of lovely hoppy beers that showcase those Antipodean hops.

Enjoy these beers from the other side of the world and let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


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