Beer Club Box May 2017

Haze for Daze

Dear beer lover,

There are a lot of people who might try to tell you that haze is bad, that it’s a sign ofbadly brewed or kept beer. In some cases they’d be right – in particular it can be asign of an unconditioned cask ale. But as craft beer hammers home its difference from macrobrewing, brewers are finding that there are some very good reasons for not filtering or fining a beer; that sometimes removing sediment from the beer also removes flavour.

It’s not a new idea. Germans have always known it with their Kellerbiers and Weissbiers, while Belgians have been happy with hazy tripels and wits for decades. It’s true that hazy IPAs are a recent invention, but there is plenty of empirical and anecdotal evidence to suggest that the yeast and fermentation processes that cause haze also increase flavour, keeping hop flavour in suspension and adding soft fruity esters. In fact, the only controversy here for us is that there is any controversy at all.

We love the look of a hazy beer, and we love the look of a clear beer. We think the quality of the beer is all that matters. But here’s a box of hazy beers, make up your own mind.


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