Beer Club Box November 2017

You Put WHAT In It?

Dear beer lover,

The moment that craft beer stops moving, it starts going backwards. From adding experimental hops to British beers in California, to tipping stouts in whisky barrels, to throwing marshmallows in fermenters, craft beer is partly about pushing boundaries and seeing how far we can go.

Beer has always been experimental. While wine wallows in tradition, our beloved liquid is always moving forward. Sometimes it goes too far – we’re looking at you Omnipollo – but only through mistakes can we learn and that is what this box is about. Adjuncts used to just mean cereals that weren’t malted barley in the mash, now it could mean anything as brewers push flavours, techniques and our palates as far as they dare.

So open your mind as well as your mouths. We guarantee you’ll hate one of these beers, but we also guarantee one will blow your mind. Let us know which on Twitter, Facebook, or via hatemail.


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