Beer Club Box September 2017

Belgium vs Britain

Dear beer lover,

We’re not usually ones for pitting beers against each other – we think most beers have their time and place – but we thought this was too interesting an idea to skip. For us, Belgium is still the greatest brewing nation on earth. Nearly half of the beers we stock are from this relatively tiny country, and breweries like Brugse Zot, Boon, Westmalle and Huyghe have routinely been in our top 10 sellers since we founded in 2003. But the best we can justify such a statement is by pointing out that after 40 years of brewing innovation in the US and the UK, the new and most exciting beers coming out of those nations are all inspired by Belgium. Wine barrels, coolships, fruit maceration, fruity esters and bottle ageing are all terms that get beer nerds excited – and the Belgians have been doing it for centuries.

So just how good are the new pretenders to the throne? Can British Belgian-inspired brewing reach the heights of this incredible nation’s life’s work? We’ve chosen five Belgian microbreweries and five similar British beers to find out. Who wins? Whatever happens, the drinker does.


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