Erm…how does this work?

Good question. It’s simple really – in exchange for a monthly payment we ship 10 delicious seasonal beers to your door every third Thursday, and give you 5% off throughout our main site. That’s it.

What kind of beers do I get?
Only the absolute best, fresh beers. We put together seasonal boxes so each one has a theme, but over the year you’ll get everything from lambic to American IPAs, via German lagers and Belgian dubbels. We taste and curate our boxes very carefully to make sure you enjoy each one.

Can I choose the styles I receive?

Afraid not. Unlike most beer clubs we are a discovery service – we revel in the idea that we’re sending out brilliant beers that will challenge you. We totally get that people have different tastes but we want to push them to the edge and see what amazing things we can help you discover. What we promise is that each box is well balanced so that there’s always lots that everyone will enjoy.

Why is Beer Merchants more expensive than other clubs?

Well to be fair, we’re not. What we don’t do is heavily discount the first box in order to get customers. We don’t think great beer should be treated with so little respect, and we know that the beers you get in these deals won’t be fresh or particularly good. Instead we concentrate on only delivering the best beer, in the best condition, at the best price we possible can.

When does my beer arrive?

Your beer arrives every third Thursday of the month via an overnight courier.

Can I change my address?

Yes! You can change all your details by logging into the members area of Shopify.

Can I send this as a gift?
You can indeed, we can deliver the box anywhere within the UK, although we cannot hide where the box has come from!

Who delivers my parcel and can I track it?
We deliver on an overnight service with Parcel Force. They have exceptional breakage rates and you can track your parcel using the code sent to you when we dispatch the box.

Can I take a break?

If you’re on our rolling contract or 12-moth contract you can take a payment and beer break if you need to – just let us know. If you paid upfront we can obviously pause sending beer but can’t refund you the money. You’ll have to see the 12 months out!

Can I cancel my subscription?
If you are on the £30 rolling contract you can cancel with one month’s notice at any time. Sadly if you have paid upfront or gone for the £28 contract you’ll have to see it out. We can pause your membership if you are away for a few months or need to save money, though.